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AC Drives (LV)

LV Drives

Hyundai N-series inverters with characteristic of digital control and open network communication are state of art technology on variable speed drives platform.  The compact series of AC Drives cover micro to high voltage large capacity.  This new generation drives meet customers need and offer convenience, versatility, high reliability, economical efficiency, high function and suppleness.  These drives meets international standard and are compliant with RoHS.

It has got enhance control ability with improved sensorless vector control to give good performance at low speed like 150% torque at 1Hz.  For better speed control it has a improved motor tuning function.  The built in PID control allows flow and pressure to be controlled.  The technology realize triples driving by adding current suppression.  Various communication protocols allow its use to be a system element of the network it total automation of machine or a plant.

N700E User Manual
N700V User Manual
N100 User Manual
N300 User Manual
N500 User Manual


LV Drives Catalogue     Catalogue
  • N 100
  • N700E
  • N500
1HP to 10 HP    
7.5HP to 30 HP    
200HP to 500 HP    
  • N300
  • N700V
7.5HP to 175 HP      
7.5HP to 175 HP    

LV Drives

Enclosure IP20
Rated Input Voltage (V) 3-Phase 380-480V (±10%), 50/60Hz (±5%)
Rated Output Voltage (V) 3-phase 380~480V (This corresponds to supply voltage.)
Control Method Space vector modulation PWM system
Output Frequency Range 0.1~400Hz
Frequency Accuracy Digital : ±0.01% of Max. frequency, Analog : ±0.2%(25±10℃)
Frequency Resolution Digital setting : 0.01HZ, Analog setting : Max. frequency / 4,000
Voltage/Frequency Characteristic V/f control (constant torque, reduced torque), free V/f control, sensorless vector control
Starting Torque 200%, 0.5Hz
Overload Capacity 150% / 60sec
Acceleration/Deceleration Time 0.1~3600. Sec (Linear/curve setting)
Braking DC Braking Performs at start; under set frequency at deceleration, via an external input (braking force, time and temperature frequency)
Input Signals Frequency
Operator Set by up/down key
External Signal Input voltage : DC  0~+10V, -10~+10V(Input impedance 10KΩ ) / Input current : 4~20mA(Input impedance 180Ω )
External Port Set by RS485 Communication
Run/Stop Operator Run key/ Stop key (Change FOR/REV by function command)
External Signal FOR Run/Stop (No/NC selection), REV set by terminal assignment (NO/NC selection), 3-wire input possible
External Port Set by RS485 Communication
Intelligent Input Terminal FOR & 8 I/P terminal assign in  36 Intelligent Input Functions
Thermistor Input
1 terminal (PTC characteristics)
Intelligent Output
4 open collector output assign in  24 Intelligent Output Functions
Intelligent Monitor Output Terminal Analog Voltage (0-10V DC), Analog Current (4-20mA), Pulse Line Output
Relay Output 2 - Relay Output Assign In 24 Intelligent Output Functions
Display Monitor Output Frequency, Output Current, Motor Torque, Scaled Value of Output Frequency, Trip History, I/O Terminal Condition, Input Power,
Output Voltage, Motor RPM, IGBT Temp. Monitor
Main Functions V/f free-setting (up to 7 points), Frequency Upper/Lower Limit, Frequency Jump, Accel./Decel.Curve Selection, Manual Torque Boost Level/Braking Point Setting, Analog Meter Tuning, Start Frequency Setting, Carrier Frequency Setting, Electronic Thermal, Free-setting, External Start/End Frequency (frequency rate setting), Analog Input Selection, Retry After Trip, Restart After Instantaneous Power Failure, Various Signal Outputs, Reduced Voltage Start, Stall Prevention, Default Value Setting, Automatic Deceleration and Stop at Power Failure, AVR Function, Auto-tuning(Online/Offline)
Protective Functions Over-current, Over-voltage, Under-voltage, Electronic Thermal, Temperature Error, Ground Fault Current at Start, Instantaneous Power Failure, USP Error, Phase Loss Error, Braking Resistor Overload, External Trip, Option Error and Communication Error, IGBT Protection
Applicable Standard Low voltage directive 72/73/EEC & EMC directive 2004/108/EC, CE, UL, cUL
Ambient Temperature/
Storage Temperature/ Humidity
 -10~50° / -20~65° / 20~90% RH(non-condensing)
Derating of 2% is required per 1˚C rise in temp.
Location Less than 1000m above sea level, indoors(no corrosive gas nor dust)
Operator OPE-N7(4-digit LED)

LV Drive

  • High starting torque
  • Multi motor operation
  • PID control function
  • Auto tuning
  • Frequency scaling

LV Drive

  • Input reactor
  • Output reactor
  • DC reactor
  • Radio noise filter
  • Regenerative breaking
  • Remote operator station
  • Cabinet Design
  • Filters
  • Bypass facility
  • Remote station
  • Dynamic breaking
Specify IP protection
Specify Input choke/Output choke/DC choke/Noise filter
Specify DOL/Star Delta/ Change over switch
Standard OR Flame proof
Standard OR 100%