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PWM-IGBT Based Static Stabilizer
Launched upto 50 KVA
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to Ministry of Defense
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Product Technology Review

Customers are subjected to false promises under the disguise of technology and its functional aspect. Suvik has started spreading the technology awareness as well as explaining the competitive advantages of the Suvik Technology through "Product Technology Review Document".

  • Index - PTR

    Mar 01, 2011

    Index of Product Technology Review Click to download
  • PTR - 8 RS 232/485 Communication for SVK Servo Controller

    Feb 01, 2011

    RS 232 / 485 Communication for SVK Servo Controller of Suvik Digital Stabilizer Click to download
  • PTR - 7 Difference Between Analog & Digital Servo Stabilizer

    Oct 01, 2010

    Difference Between Analog & Digital Servo Voltage Stabilizer along with Digital Feature Advantage Click to download
  • PTR - 6 Measurement of Coupling Capacitance & CMRR

    Jan 03, 2006

    Measurement of Coupling Capacitance & CMRR with diagram Click to download
  • PTR - 5 Rate of Correction of SCVR

    Dec 01, 2005

    Rate of Correction of SCVR Click to download
  • PTR - 004 Transformer Oil Specification

    Mar 01, 2005

    Transformer Oil Specification Click to download
  • PTR - 3 'STATCOM' For Power Quality Issues

    Nov 01, 2004

    Function: Dynamic current injection for reactive power compensation and harmonic current cancellation. Click to download
  • PTR - 2 Surge Suppression capability of Suvik's SCVR

    Oct 01, 2004

    Transient Voltages and Spikes Surge protection - lightning protection - protects the SCVR and the load against over voltages, such as external over voltages due to thunderstorms and distribution line, and over voltages caused by a switching process. Click to download
  • PTR - 1 Electrodynamic Voltage Stabiliser

    Sep 01, 2004

    The wider use of equipment with non linear absorption such as rectifiers, speed variators, drives, switching power supplies, has caused, besides traditional and well known voltage fluctuations, the spreading of a new insidious type of electrical fault: harmonic distortion. Click to download