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Suvik Post

We take immense proud in introducing our newsletter 'Suvik Post', meant for Technology trends, Product Innovations and Showcases in the field of 'Power Quality' and 'Motion Control' for industrial sector. Suvik Post is power packed information source on power domain.

  • April, 2012

    Apr 02, 2012


    Suvik Export to Russia - PWM-IGBT based Static Voltage Stabilizer

    Technology Pavilion : Comparision between Suvik IGBT UPS system with Competitors

    Voice of Customer : Mother Dairy for 350 KVA SCVR

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  • March, 2012

    Mar 01, 2012


    Technology Pavilion : PWM-IGBT based VFD's effect on Motor insulation

    Tech Capsule : "Waveform"

    Voice of Customer for 150 KVA Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer

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  • February, 2012

    Feb 02, 2012


    Technology Pavilion : Static Voltage Regulator

    Export of PWM-IGBT based Static Voltage Stabilizer - Rating 7.5 KVA

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  • January, 2012

    Jan 03, 2012


    Technology Pavlion : Why PWM controlled IGBT based Static Voltage Regulator?

                                            Key comparison of Static Voltage Regulator and conventional regulators

    Tech Capsule : "Joules"

    Suvik display : State of art technology product "PWM-IGBT based Static Voltage Stabilizer" at Elecrama-2012, Mumbai


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  • December, 11

    Dec 01, 2011


    Technology Pavilion : Types of AC Drives

                                             Battery Sizing for UPS

    Tech Capsule : "Actuator"

    Voice of Customer : Aarvee Denim

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  • November, 2011

    Nov 04, 2011

    Introducing the new PWM-IGBT based Power Conditioner

    Thirdparty inspecting 10KVA + IT PWM-IGBT based Static Voltage Stabilizer 

    Technology Pavilion : The world of motion control

                                             Migration of VFDs in Servo Control Applications

                                             Trends in embedded Motion Control

    Show Case                  : AC Drive on Vertical Boring Machine

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  • October, 2011

    Oct 03, 2011

    Launch of PWM-IGBT based Static Voltage Stabilizer

    Tech Pavilion : Electric Motor Temperature, Electric Motor Insulation Class

    Voice of Customer from Prem Conductors for Variable Frequency Drives

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  • September, 2011

    Sep 06, 2011


    Technology Pavilion : DRIVE SELECTION based on M/C Torque & M/C Load

    Technology Re-invented : Unparalleled Features of Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers

    • Variac Protection
    • Carbon brush failure protection
    • Sensor less voltage feedback
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  • August, 2011

    Aug 02, 2011


    Technology Pavilion : Vector Controlled AC Drive

    Voice of Customer    : Yash Controls for AC Drives

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  • July, 2011

    Jul 05, 2011

    Technology Pavilion :

     Need for Power Quality (Types of Voltage Irregularities faced by your equipment)

    Voice of Customer :

    Customer  > THERMOTECH,  Product  > AC Drives,  Application  > Agitator

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  • June, 2011

    Jun 03, 2011


    Technology Pavilion : PWM-IGBT based Static Voltage Stabilizer

    Voice of Customer    : Jyoti Ltd for AC Drives

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  • May, 2011

    May 03, 2011


    Hyundai LV & MV Drives exhibited in "POWER-GEN" India exhibition

    The need for Industry Standards for AC Motors intended for use with Adjustable Frequency Drives

    Certificate of Recognition of In-House R&D Unit

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  • April, 2011

    Apr 05, 2011


    PWM Controlled Static Voltage Stabilizer V/S Tap changing or Servo Mechanical Stabilizer

    Voice of Customer for AC Drives working satisfactorily in Tower Hoist application

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  • March, 2011

    Mar 01, 2011


    Technology Pavilion : True PWM IGBT based Static Voltage Stabilizer

    Show Case                  : AC Drive on Injection Moulding Machine

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  • February, 2011

    Feb 01, 2011


    Technology Pavilion : RS 232 / 485 communication for Suvik Servo Controller of Suvik Digital Stabilizer

    Show case : AC Drive on Tower Hoist

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  • January, 2011

    Jan 03, 2011

    Launch of N700 E inverter with specification

    Tech-Capsule : EMI (Electromagnetic Interference)

    Show case : AC Drive on Tube Mill Application

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  • December, 2010

    Dec 01, 2010

    Automation panel for pharmaceutical application using multi drives 

    Technology Pavilion : Efficiency Derating table for VFDs

    Show case                   : AC Drive on ID Fan Application

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  • November, 2010

    Nov 01, 2010

    Technology Pavilion : Optimum Battery Charging

    Transformer Oil certificate complying IS : 335 :1993


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  • October, 2010

    Oct 01, 2010

    Launch of true microcontroller based advanced version of Digital Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer

    Comparison between Analog & Digital Servo Voltage Stabilizer along with feature advantage of Suvik controller

    Voice of customer from Inspiron Engineering Pvt. Ltd

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  • September, 2010

    Sep 01, 2010

    Technology Pavilion : Technical Note on Switching surges

    Tech Capsule             : UPFC (Unified Power Flow Controller)

    Voice of Customer   : Customer Feedback Report received from ABB Ltd.

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  • August, 2010

    Aug 02, 2010

    Technical Seminar conducted by officials of DKM, Korea on Small motors & Gearheads

    Technology Pavilion : Direct on-line starting of MV Motors

    Quality Credential from Hyundai for VFD.


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  • July, 10

    Jul 01, 2010

    Technology Pavilion : Synchronus Transfer

    Tech Capsule             : Transformer Distributed Capacitance

    Voice of Customer    : Simond Fibertech (AC Drive - 175 HP)

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  • June 2010

    Jun 01, 2010

    Launch of Small Motors & Gearheads.

    Applications of Small motors & Gearheads. 

    Upgrading SCVR for Digital experience.

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  • May 2010

    May 01, 2010

    USP - Hyundai MV Motors

    VOC - WTTIL for PIU

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  • April 2010

    Apr 01, 2010

    Calculation Method for Dynamic Braking Resistor

    ERDA test certificate for IP - 53

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  • March 2010

    Mar 01, 2010

    EQDC test certificate for IP 55

    Show Case - AC Drive on Circular Knitting Machine

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  • February 2010

    Feb 01, 2010

    4 Quadrant operation of Induction motor.

    Technical Spes of Hyundai MV Drive.

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  • January 2010

    Jan 01, 2010

    MV Motors

    MV Motor - Order Specification form

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  • December 2009

    Dec 01, 2009

    FAQs for AC Drives

    Show Case - AC Drive on Conveyer Application

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  • November 2009

    Nov 02, 2009

    FAQs for AC Drives

    Show Case - AC Drive on EOT Crane Application

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  • October 2009

    Oct 01, 2009

    AC Drive v/s DC Drive

    Show Case - AC Drive on Winder Application

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  • September 2009

    Sep 01, 2009

    Hyundai N 700 Inverter launch

    Show Case - AC Drive on Offset Colour Printing Machine

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  • August 2009

    Aug 01, 2009

    Hyundai MV Inverter features

    Show Case - AC Drive on Circular Woven Sack Machine

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  • July 2009

    Jul 01, 2009

    Hyundai LV Drives features comparison

    Application form for AC Drive

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  • June 2009

    Jun 01, 2009

    MV Drive : Water Cooled v/s Air Cooled design

    Show Case - AC Drive on Coolant Pump

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  • May 2009

    May 01, 2009

    Hyundai MV Drive N 5000 series

    Show Case - AC Drive on Extruder Machine

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  • April 2009

    Apr 01, 2009

    AC Induction Motor Designs

    Show Case - AC Drive on Centrifugal Blower

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  • March 2009

    Mar 02, 2009

    Contd - Effect of PWM VFD on Motor bearing

    Show Case - AC Drive on Corrugation Machine

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  • February 2009

    Feb 02, 2009

    Effect of PWM VFD on Motor bearing

    Show Case - AC Drive on Forming CNC Machine

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  • January 2009

    Jan 01, 2009

    UIT - Concept and Construction

    Show Case - AC Drive on Bag Packaging Machine

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  • December 2008

    Dec 01, 2008

    Reactive Power

    Show Case - AC Drive on Bulk Drug Fermentor

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  • November 2008

    Nov 01, 2008

    dv/dt with IGBT Inverters

    VOC - Elecon

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  • October 2008

    Oct 01, 2008

    Derating of AC Motors with VFD

    VOC - Sumed Consultants

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  • September 2008

    Sep 01, 2008

    Energy Saving with VFD on Pumps.

    VOC - Valsad District Cooperative Milk Union

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  • August 2008

    Aug 01, 2008

    Energy Saving with VFD on Fan.

    VOC - TAL

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  • July 2008

    Jul 01, 2008

    Motor starting methods.

    VOC - Hextech Engineers

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  • June 2008

    Jun 02, 2008

    VFD - Sine Filters

    Holtec - Vendor Approval

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  • May 2008

    May 01, 2008

    USP - IGBT based Static Stabilizer

    VOC - Essar Telecom

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  • April 2008

    Apr 01, 2008

    Quality Audit done by Mamata Brampton Engineering Pvt. Ltd the end user.

    Performance Certificate given by Banco Products (India) Ltd

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  • March 2008

    Mar 01, 2008

    Vendor Certification Audit done by Essar Telecom Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

    Performance Certificate by Maillis Strong Strap Pvt. Ltd

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  • February 2008

    Feb 01, 2008

    Suvik participating in Elecrama 2008 exhibition with a bang.

    Tech. Note on PWM-IGBT based Static Stabilizer for Cellular Base Stations

    Performance Certificate by AHURA MAZDA Mfg. Co. Pvt. Ltd

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  • January 2008

    Jan 01, 2008

    PWM-IGBT based Static Stabilizer running at Mobile BTS Tower of Reliance Communication Ltd

    Technical Note on how Buck-boost and PWM topology help OEMs operate equipment in countries with mains fluctuating outside design limits.

    Performance Certificate by Jyoti CNC Automation Pvt. Ltd

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  • December 2007

    Dec 01, 2007

    Tech Pavilion Article -> PWM-IGBT based Static Stabilizer

    Voice of Customer -> Idea Cellular

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  • November 2007

    Nov 01, 2007

    Tech Pavilion            >   PWM-IGBT based Static Stabilizer

    Voice of Customer   > Appreciation from Sterling Projects

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  • October 2007

    Oct 01, 2007

    Suvik handshake with Wenzhou, China for Linear Technology Stabilizer

    Stabilizer Technology Performance Comparison Chart

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  • September 2007

    Sep 01, 2007

    Suvik Handshake for latestet technology in stabilizer PWM-IGBT based.

    Introduction of how PWM-IGBT based technology of stabilizer works.

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  • August 2007

    Aug 01, 2007

    Inspection done by Elecon Engineering for Linear Technology Stabilizer

    Suvik has a customized power solution for Telecom user

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  • July 2007

    Jul 02, 2007

    Introducing the first of the Next Gen Automatic Voltage Regulators with State-of-art Micro Controller Technology

    Introducing higher KVA Delta Online UPS "NT-Series"

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  • June 2007

    Jun 01, 2007

    A joint venture assessment by Japanese Company - Meidensha for promotion of "State of Art" Power Solutions.

    Power Conditioner tailored for Dairy Industry

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  • May 2007

    May 01, 2007

    Suvik is a preffered vendor in vendor rating done by Erricson

    Launch of Roller Type Linear Technology in Stabilizer

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  • April 2007

    Apr 02, 2007

    Accolades received from Essar Telecom Tower & Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd

    Introducing Technology of Energy Saving System-CESS

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  • March 2007

    Mar 01, 2007

    Quality Audit for TTL

    Launch of "Delta UPS Series"

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  • February 2007

    Feb 01, 2007

    New product launch "Energy Saving System - CESS"

    Power Conditioner for Telecom Sector

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  • January 2007

    Jan 01, 2007

    Launching the power packed information source "Suvik Post".

    Introducing Microprocessor based Digital Stabilizer

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