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Suvik has geared up to offer total solution from pre-sales to post-sales covering majority of service portfolio.  The major services offered are:

Pre-sales audit

This requires audit of site conditions like utility and its variations, load configuration as well as type of load, place of installation and its environmental conditions under which the equipment has to function.  This also covers the actual sizing of equipment rating wise depending on load conditions and power conditions plus any functional operational facilities.

This is done on chargeable basis.  Customer needs to contact sales coordinator.


A proper commissioning by Suvik’s engineer ensures trouble free operation of the equipment.  This service covers auditing proper installation of equipment supplied as well as power and control connections with right size of cables and according to the logic for control options.  Before taking equipment in line the expert commissioning engineer can influence many technical issues from long term reliability of the equipment.

This is done on chargeable as well non-chargeable basis as per the terms of Purchase Order.

Client Cable Sizing - SCVR
Client Cable Sizing - Online UPS

Service within warranty

Customer is given the escalation matrix.  Customer should either call on mobile the close-by service engineers and / or log the complaint with service centre HO giving details of equipment along with the type of the fault and information on warranty.  Within warranty the equipment is serviced and / or replaced temporarily at the discretion of Suvik as the case may be. 

This service is non-chargeable.

Warranty Certificate

On call service

This service governs all the equipments out of warranty as well as not governed by any AMC.  The customer is required to log the complaint and service coordinator would convey the customer on deployment of service engineer who and when.  The service engineer after visit will offer them total expenses inclusive of spares and service.  Once customer issues work order accepting the same, the equipment will be serviced. 

This service is chargeable.  The repairing charges also will be paid by customer in advance against Proforma Invoice.

Spares support

Looking at the criticality of on time requirement as per application the customer needs to stock the critical spares as suggested by Suvik.  This is must in case of when the site is at a remote place located at a quite far distance from factory.  Suvik recommend minimum spares to be stocked at customers place to reduce the MTTR. 

The spares can be given against the firm order placement.

Annual maintenance contract (AMC)

Prevention is better than cure.  Accordingly, industrial electronic equipments due to wear and tear as well as aging process require regular preventive maintenance.  This will ensure complete on time through out the span of product life cycle.  Before the expiry of warranty Suvik recommend customer to sign AMC.  Customer is supposed to contact service coordinator for the same.

This service is chargeable as per the contract signed.

Buy-back service

Suvik also offers to buy-back its own supplied equipments.  This service gives an additional advantage of fresh warranty along with new state of art technology to customer.  The commercial aspect is dependent on the status of the equipment as well as number of years etc.  This is at the discretion of Suvik. 

There will be chargeable pre-audit for submission of offer.

Upgradation service

If for any reason the load has increased and customer requires upgradation of the supplied equipment the same can be done.

Even Suvik offers from technology point of view upgradation of equipment like analog to digital conversion etc to extend benefits of new technology to customer.

Upgrade your SCVR to Digital

These are customized chargeable services based on individual cases.