PWM-IGBT Based Static Stabilizer
Launched upto 50 KVA
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Voltage Stabilizer (Roller Type)

The technology consists of rolling contact buck-boost type linear voltage regulator. Unlike torridal variacs to minimize losses and improve efficiency the linear transformer is made of heavy section of copper stripes.

Instead of carbon brush as used in conventional servo here maintenance free carbon roller assembly is used for high reliability. The digital control circuits monitor and control the output voltage electronically.

The double wound buck-boost series transformer is also made from special CRGO lamination for higher efficiency.


  • Air cooled
30 KVA to 1000 KVA
* Above 1000 KVA models are available on request

Input Voltage Range

  • Standard
340 V to 480 V


Voltage Range : 340-480/415 vac 3ø, ±20%
Frequency range : 50Hz, ± 5% Hz
Phase : Three phase + neutral + GND


Voltage Range : 380/400/415 vac, 3ø ±1.5%  (adjustable voltage by preset)
Frequency Range : Synchronized with the supply frequency (line mode), 50Hz, ±5% Hz
Power Factor : > 0.95
Waveform : Sinusoidal pure sine wave/no distortion
Phase : Three phase + neutral + GND
Overload capacity : 120% - 60s, 200% - 10 s
Display : Digital/Analogue I/P & O/P volt meter
Protection : Over voltage 253 vac (L-N), Output shutoff after 4-7s delay
Low voltage 176 vac (L-N), Output shutoff after 4-7s delay
Automatic circuit breaker rated at 130%, Overload capability for heavy start load.
Control : ON/OFF-Normal circuit breaker switch, Output voltage selector switch, Power start button, Power stop button
Response time : < 35 ms/volt.
Insulation Resistance : D.C. 1000V ≥ 2M Ω
Features : Compensator & auto self starting after power failure
Electrical Strength : 2000 V power frequency for 60 seconds without breakdown & flash over
Efficiency : > 98%
Ambient Temperature : -20° C to + 50° C
Relative Humidity : < 90% (no condensation)
Audible noise : 45dB – 55dB at 1 meter
  • Air cooled version
  • Life at full load is 15-20 yrs.
  • Negligible losses in full buck-boost condition.
  • 100% duty cycle
  • Self lubricating carbon roller assembly
  • Roller movement is on both side
  • Digital / Analog load meter
  • EMI / RFI filter
  • Multiple Output
  • Built in isolation transformer
  • Manual Bypass
  • Indoor / Outdoor version
  • IT layout
  • Cabinet Design
  • Colour Shade
  • Cable entry
  • Termination box
  • Terminals for
IT at Input
Air cooled
IT within Cabinet
Copper cables
IT at Output
Oil Cooled
IT in separate cabinet
Aluminum cables